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image description: blue glossy sticker that reads the ADA was established in 1990 why is this space still not accessible???? An electric green strip with the words sold out are written across.


to hang up in your favorite inaccessible venue, if you can even get there.


this is the tinier version of the larger mirrored sticker we offer. this pack is a bit thinner than the mirrored version and also comes in a group of 6 stickers as opposed to one. 


2"x2" each • 6 stickers


proceeds go towards paying disabled artists/designers and/or straight back into putting out cripple publications into the world. thank you for the support <3 <3

sticker — 6 stack small — ADA (SOLD OUT)

  • all purchases are final sale. if you have an issue with your order though please get in touch with us at

  • we ship by the least expensive and typically slowest route. if you need something shipped fast please reach out to us at at the time of your purchase and we can probably arrange something.

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