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image description: a publication with chaotic scribbles and the title what the fuck is dyslexia by mia navarro written on it. the photo is taken in the late sun of the day and has a pebble holding the cover closed. A bright yellow strip with the words sold out are written across.


a zine exploring the feelings and emotions of dyslexia while explaining what the fuck it is.

mia currently is freelancing for artists and local businesses as a disabld graphic designer. her work centers around concepts of relationship dynamics and visualizations of data. currently, she’s working  on learning how to kickflip. 

what the fuck is dyslexia is a zine that aims to shed light on the commonly misunderstood effects of dyslexia, as well as an exploration of the ways in which dyslexia can affect every-day routines. 

32 pgs
5.5” x  8.5”

by mia navarro

published by cripple, 2020

instagram: @m.n.shots


proceeds go towards paying disabled artists/designers and/or straight back into putting out cripple publications into the world. thank you for the support <3 <3


publication — what the fuck is dyslexia (SOLD OUT)

  • all purchases are final sale. if you have an issue with your order though please get in touch with us at

  • we ship by the least expensive and typically slowest route. if you need something shipped fast please reach out to us at at the time of your purchase and we can probably arrange something.

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