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Image Description: A rustic, solid, handmade offwhite mug with red text on the outside that says access. The A in access is the anarchy symbol. An electric green strip with the words sold out are written across.



Access Anarchy mug by Liz Jackson

Red stoneware wheel thrown mug

2.5 inch lip

2.75 inch height

Holds 125 mL


$65 (includes U.S. shipping—please reach out for an estimate on international shipping)


Outside is underglaze

Inside is underglaze with a clear coat of food protective glaze


Liz Jackson is disabled designer and writer who is currently analyzing power differentials that lead to gatekeeping and corruption amongst advocates for corporate disability inclusion. Liz is currently funding this work through her pottery and appreciates your support and solidarity.


Access Anarchy mug by Liz Jackson (SOLD OUT)

  • all purchases are final sale. if you have an issue with your order though please get in touch with us at

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