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Image description: A purple ish slightly pink square with messy type that says 5 “oh” 4 font in all caps.


Image description 2: Black disheveled letters pulled from numerous 504 protest posters on a white background.


Taking major inspiration from @genderfail with the "i am your worst fear I am your best fantasy font" — I’ve developed the 504 font. Letters were pulled from posters of the 504 Protests. Only ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and 504 and ! are available. Z, missing from documentation, is an image of Judy Heumann—who continues to live on through the protests and the innate firey nature of our crippled community. 


Disability history is largely left out of education. Disability is erased from both historical and contemporary events. Disability history is a part of all history. 


Purposely non-linear. 

Purposely a mess. 

Disability Aesthetics. 


Please download and use liberally, free for personal use. 


504 Font (free file)

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