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>>> a curated list of free resources pertaining to disability, Disability Justice and accessibility.
>>> chipping away at collating everything, this is an ongoing project.


Ableism in Academia by Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh

Access Guide


Access Intimacy by Mia Mingus

Access Washing by Stacey Milbern

Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice by Carolyn Lazard

Accessible PDFS — How To


Alterlivability by Aimi Hamraie

The Art of Access: Innovative Protests of an Inaccessible City by Elizabeth F. Emens

Black Disabled Creatives

Black Neurodiversity — Navigating Higher Education by Ben-Oni

Bookshare — Accessible Book Platform

Bookshare Discount for Individuals ("Bookshare is free for all US college and graduate students with qualifying disabilities")

Can Britney Spears Vote?: Mental Disability and Suffrage by Olivia Dreisinger

Clawee by The White Pube

Contrast Ratio Checking (one of many, use any)

Critical Creative Corrective Cacophonous Comical: Closed Captions by Emily Watlington

Critical Design Lab



Deaf Poets Society

The Debt-Ceiling Fight’s Collateral Damage

Diagnosis Grad School by Olivia Dreisinger

Disability Dongle by Liz JacksonAlex HaagaardRua Williams

Disability Futures

Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader by Jos Boys

Disability Visibility Project by Alice Wong


Flight School by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Flight School Transcript by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo (script for access purposes only—please no publishing of this text without permission)

Fragrance Free Femme of Colour Genius by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Hedva's Disability Access Rider by Johanna Hedva

It’s Time To Listen To Black Disabled People by Vilissa K Thompson

Lupus as an operating system by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson


Mapping Access Toolkit by Aimi Hamraie and Critical Design Lab

Moral Panics in Government-Funded Accessibility by Blake Reid

Open Dyslexic Font

The Peoples CDC

Post-Internet Literature: Alt-Text by Olivia Dreisinger

Psychiatry Negated: Conflict and the Culture of Resistance in Italy and Brazil by S.W. Warren


The Radical Accessibility of Video Art (For Hearing People) by Emily Watlington

Sensory Shift: A Disability Arts Residency

Sick Building Syndrome by Michelle Murphy

Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time by Taraneh Fazeli

Sick Woman Theory (Revised 2019 version) by Johanna Hedva

Sins Invalid

Taking over the asylum: Critical psychiatry, Franco Basaglia and social struggle by John Foot


Web Accessibility Initiative

When the world isn't designed for our bodies by Katy Waldman




#StaceyTaughtUs Syllabus: Work by Stacey Park Milbern

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